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Easy Digital Training program helps to develop digital and information literacy  * Knowing IT technology helps learners work, research and study more effectively towards continuing professional development.

Why are Microsoft Windows important?
Windows made it easier to use computers by providing intuitive menus and buttons
also made it possible to keep multiple programs open at the same time.

Ability to Access Files from Everywhere. …
a cloud-based storage and syncing service with an excellent free storage plan. It also lets you create, edit, store, and collaborate on documents.

  • basics of building a user profile
  • focusing your content on your target audience
  • choosing relevant words  for employers
  • Learn to use the
  • most common functions and features of your smart device.
  • download and use a new range of Apps
  • Build your confidence with the basics of using a smartphone- to get more and more from your technology.
  • basic principles of 
  • graphic design, image-making, typography, composition,  etc…
  • foundational skills that are common for all office and business practice.

Create a Beautiful Website in a Few Simple Steps.
No Coding Needed!
Modern templates.
24/7 Customer Support.
Drag and drop tecnology

Learn to

  • express your ideas in writing. …
  • Using concise language to targetted audience …
  • Organized your ideas ..

Generate leads, drive website traffic, and build brand awareness with LinkedIn Ads. Target audiences by job title, function, industry, company, education, interests, and more. Create an ad in minutes

  • You will learn to set up an account with Shopee Singapore
  • List your products. …
  • Select shipping methods. …
  • Payment methods
  • load product particulars  etc
  • Turn your knowledge into Sales
  •  converting your ideas, experience and know-how into an ebook is the perfect way to generate an income online.
  • We teach you how— to present a great looking, high-quality design.

Learn how to use a free and private platform to write your diary.. With digital technology, you can bring and write your diary anywhere…

Short Courses


Quote from EZYBIZNETto get concession on the course


The Customer and Business Management for the Retail Industry is a Diploma in Retail qualification under WSQ.

  • It is a recognised diploma and is designed to help Singaporeans 40 years and above to upgrade or reskill themselves in areas that are relevant to the economy and today’s job scope.
  • At the end of the course, learners will get a Diploma and $1000 cash incentive paid directly into learner’s NRIC-linked paynow account. 

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"What really turned me over was the ability to understand how everything works without any prior knowledge."
John Doe
It would not be fair to describe Iqbal in less than 200 words, not even in 2000 words could do him justice for he is more than just an IT coach.....
fahmi rais
Fahmi Rais
The Brand Wizard
I know Mr. Iqbal since 2018. Never ever regret to learn and get his. Service. He is inspirational, driven and talented. He is very helpful.
Dianna KDlights
Manufacturer of KDPaste range of products
Saya mengenali Mohamed Iqbal Mim, sejak tahun 2017, dan kita sering bertukar fikiran berkenaan PERLATIHAN DIGITAL di Singapura.
kasmani dollah
Kasmani Dollah
ACTA & DACE, ICDL, SSG-WSG Trainer, Speaker & Digital Coach.

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