SkillsFuture @ PA Creating Website & Blog with Word Press

At the end of the lessons the participants will be able to confidently

  •    Select a niche for blogging
  •    Choose a blogging platform
  •    Pick a domain name
  •    Design your  blog on a WordPress
  •     Load images
  •     How to write content…


We are Social Media Management and Marketing Specialist

We can do the following for you:

  • Increase traffic and engagement to your SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNT
    We will grow & market your account ORGANICALLY
  • We will increase your Like/Interact with accounts …



Best for Startups, Medium Level Business

  1. Include hosting and domain name registration for one year
  2. Word press landing page
  3. Slider
  4. Social media…

Who We Are. What We Do

EZYBINETS  is about developing entrepreneurial skills  to individual to advanced their livelihood and gain financial independence.

In 2021 there exist many advanced and time saving business tools and techniques that can speedily automate your business, freeing your entrepreneurial skills for more creative ideas and research.

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What People Say...

It would not be fair to describe Iqbal in less than 200 words, not even in 2000 words could do him justice for he is more than just an IT coach. Yes Iqbal is more than that. You can begin to know him as a trainer but soon after, you’ll realized that he is way more than that. He is a motivator. His experience and wisdom enables him to inspire you to want to be more. And not everyone can do that. It’s a quality Iqbal has....
I know Mr Iqbal Mim since 1985 when he imported various snack products from my company such as Banana Chips, Moruku, Spiced Peanuts, under the brand name of PMT. That was our golden years of business and friendship. Mr Iqbal was one of my major importer of my products then. I am encouraged by Mr Iqbal's career switch to the present digital era and taking upon himself to share his profound knowledge to fellow Singaporeans. I am proud to have him for my friend and wish him all the best in his endeavor.
Saya mengenali Mohamed Iqbal Mim, sejak tahun 2017, dan kita sering bertukar fikiran berkenaan PERLATIHAN DIGITAL di Singapura. Kami bersama menjadi ahli Associated Muslim Coaches Singapura. Saya rasa Mohamed Iqbal Mim sa aras dengan masa digital ini untuk tingkatkan ilmu digital kapada Masyarakat Singapura untuk lebih manfaatkan diri mereka kepada pertambahan rezeki. Saya mengenal Tuan Iqbal sebagai seorang yang sangat sabar apabila mengajar pelajar dewasa yang kurang mahir tentang ilmu teknologi

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