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iqbal mim at Sydney


MOHAMED IQBAL BIN MOHAMED ALI MARICAR – has over 40 over years’ experience in the wholesale business and over 11 years in IT Training.

Presently he is with People Association as an adjunct IT Trainer involve in the Senior Academy program and SkillsFuture Courses @PA. His core competence is Microsoft Office, Smartphone Applications Skills, Digital Marketing. and website developer. 

Mohamed Iqbal holds a WSQ Diploma in Interactive Media and WSQ Full Advanced  Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA), LCCI Sales and Marketing, completed WSQ  Diploma in Adult Continuing Education (DACE, Digital Professional Course for Online Retail  Business (ECOMMERCE), Social media marketing & Search Engine Optimization and Lazada  (SIRS), and recently completed the WSQ Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing.

Testimony for Iqbal Mim

 It would not be fair to describe Iqbal in less than 200 words, not even in 2000 words could do him justice for he is more than just an IT coach.

 Yes Iqbal is more than that. You can begin to know him as a trainer but soon after, you’ll realized that he is way more than that. He is a motivator. His experience and wisdom enables him to inspire you to want to be more. And not everyone can do that. It’s a quality Iqbal has. He will get you to start doing things you have been procrastinating for years. He can make you believe the impossible is actually I’m possible. And for that, he has got me to create fahmirais.com in less than 2 weeks what I have been thinking about for 2 decades.

 Secondly, Iqbal is not just a knowledge transferor, he is also a by-your-side guide-to-the-end. In life, sometimes you need more than just an expert, you need a companion to walk with you through the thick and thin of a project. He does that.

 Thirdly, he is a problem solver. He helped you overcome your problem. And to do that successfully, it means he must have the patience and have your interest at heart. Put all those qualities together and the result goes beyond the the original plan. A food blog was intended 4 weeks ago and became reality 2 weeks later. But toda 12 days on, it is more than a food blog. It is now an online portal, home for a unique kind of food matters and a revived publication-brand-turned-online media. One needs to only go to fahmirais.com to understand what he can make you achieve.

 That is the  magic of Iqbal Mim by Fahmi Rais aka The Brand Wizard

Manufacturer of Singapore's bestselling Moruku (PMT brand) which was sold in Cold Storage chain of stores, Mustaffa Shamsudin and many major retail outlets.

I know Mr Iqbal Mim since 1985 when he imported various snack products from my company such as Banana Chips, Moruku, Spiced Peanuts, under the brand name of PMT. That was our golden years of business and friendship. Mr Iqbal was one of my major importer of my products then.

I am encouraged by Mr Iqbal’s career switch to the present digital era and taking upon himself to share his profound knowledge to fellow Singaporeans. I am proud to have him for my friend and wish him all the best in his endeavor.

Saya mengenali CikIqbal Mim, sejak tahun 1985 di mana kami bertemu di Johore Baru dalam Bootcamp “Bagaimana Menjadi Seorang Usahawan yang Berjaya”. Kami baru-baru ini melakukan pemasaran digitalnya untuk bisnes saya saperti mengurut badan, betulkan urat saraf, tulang belakang, & bekam.  Hasil, dari dari kegiatan Pemasaran Digital beliaunya sangat menkagumkan.    
From: Alyishuni, Certified, Traditional Malay Masseur,


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