Stay Connected with Whatsapp

  • How to use WhatsApp to
  • Instantly send a message to anywhere in the world.
  • How to do voice call
  • how to do conferencing call using video
  • how to send to anyone – documents, photos, videos,
  • how to block people/groups
  • how to create groups
  • how to leave groups
  • how to clear your chats and videos
  • how to keep certain chats and videos,
  • how to use whatsapp on laptop/desktop



  • Have Better Control Over Internal Communication.
  • the internal communication features of WeChat Work are far more advanced. …
  • Solve the Pain Point of Using Personal WeChat at Workplace. …
  • Access Integrated Apps for Business Operations. …
  • Advanced Integration.
  • WeChat allows for the exchanging of messages between users and supports free calls.
  • The messaging functions include text and voice messaging, broadcast messaging, video calls and conference calls.
  • WeChat can be used to message or call internationally both to and from China

Understanding Mobile Apps

  • How to navigate
  • Learn to navigate using different gestures such as swiping, pinching in and out and panning
  • Discover common User Interface controls such as sliders, buttons, labels, switchers
  • General features of your Android phone
  • Learn about app notifications
  • Learn to connect to WIFI network
  • Learn to secure your device using fingerprints and PIN
  • Techniques to Maintain Phone and Manage Data
  • Back up photos and phone contacts into Cloud,
  • etc…

Understanding your iPhone

You will learn features and tips to make an iPhone more accessible for senior citizens.

  • Enable Display Zoom. …
  • Improve Legibility by Increasing Text Size. …
  • Speak Selection. …
  • Use Voiceover to Make iOS Read the Screen. …
  • Turn Up Ringer Volume, Enable LED Alert Flashes. …
  • Enable Find My iPhone. …
  • Configure Speed Dial/Favorites. …
  • Set Up Medical ID.
  • Configure Emergency SOS
  • Enable Voice Dial (Siri)


  • What is digital technology?
  • Digital technologies are
  • electronic tools,
  • systems,
  • devices and resources
  • that generate, store or process data.
  • examples include
  • – social media,
  • -online games,
  • -multimedia and
  • – mobile phones
     Digital learning is any type of learning that uses technology. It can happen across all curriculum learning area.


Understand h​ow to navigate Government apps such as One Service, One PA, Health Buddy and SingPass

  • Mobile Apps for Goverment services
  • You will learn How to use your mobile phone to: manage appointments in clinics and hospital
  • clinic Queue Updates
  • how to us Safe Mobile pay
  • top up your mediciine
  • learn about your condition & trratments
  • choose your Singhealth doctors, Hospitals & Centres
  • Health tips & Health videos at your fingertips
  • Use Mobile SingPass

Basic Digital Skills

 Learn essential skills in using mobile devices for daily activitiesSpot fake news and defend yourself against spam and scam

  • Discover useful cyber security tips to ensure safety in a digital world
  •  By the end of this programme, you will be able to
  • selling online
    Easiest Way to Sell Online
  • Own Your Exclusive Online Store Immediately.
  • Create your Online Store in under 30 minutes…
  • -sell anything under the sun. ‎
  • -No technical knowledge required.
  • -No transaction fee.
  • -wide Marketplace
  • -local Local Support.
  • -Free with skillsfuture
  • -easy to advertise

Shop and Pay Online

  • Online shopping is a form of electronic commerce which allows consumers to directly buy goods or services from a seller over the Internet You will learn how to:
  • shop safely
  • compare prices of online retailers
  • pay safely
  • recognize a reputable and dubious websites
  • recognize a reputable and dubious sellers
  • find products easily
  • & many more

Transportation at Your Fingertips

  • provides useful information and eServices for all land transport users
  • for all commuters, motorists or cyclists.
  • interactive maps to get around Singapore
  • mrt delays notification
  • latest public transport campaigns and initiatives
  • real time information on Bus Arrival timings for all bus stops.
  • how to catch different buses to link up to your route
  • snap & complain on traffic abusers
  • jams at woodlands & JB check point
  • Navigating around Singapore .Lorem 

I-Work           Introduction to Emailing

Email • No matter what type of mobile device you can use email • it’s easy to send and receive Email messages.

In this lesson, we’ll show you how to set up Gmail with the app on your device.

We will also show you • HOW TO • Open email inbox • Received email • Send email • Send email with attachments • Open email with attachments • Starred message • Snoozed message • Important message • Undo message • Scheduled • Drafts • Spam • Bin

I-Work           Introduction to Microsoft Word

  • Key Features of MS Word
  • You will learn  to
  • Type and format text,
  • the ability to save and print documents,
  • Create Table for duty roster, time table,database etc.
  • Create Bulleted List for o SmartArt.
  • Create a Custom Tab.
  • Add images,photos etc…
  • Changing letter Case.
  • Make graphics
  • Make brochures /flyers/namecards

photo editing mobile phone

the secret to taking great pictures with your smartphone.  Thanks to our mobile devices and its editing apps  we can now take high-quality photos and edit them

  • all from the same device that we use to make calls.
  • Learn:
  • how to use free best photo editing Apps for your phone
  • how to beautify your photos
  • how to use photo editing tools,
  • such as add filters, frames, text, stickers and many more


  • in this course we show you,
  • how to-book multiple services including Cruises, Hotels, Flights, Cars,
  • how to book hotels
  • how to book airlines
  • how to book tour agency in the country you visiting,
  • how to travel safe
  • where to find best facilities when ntravelling
  • how to be safe
  • how to be healthy checklist on travel arrangements.
  •  & many more


 Learning how Google Photos works can go a long way towards optimizing your photo storage, no matter what device you use.

  • Google Photos lets you store, share, view, and edit photos and videos, and includes an AI-powered assistant to help manage your media.
  • It works for both Android and iOS devices, and provides an automatic backup for your media.
  • Google Photos can be free with unlimited storage – but there are caveats. Those who can’t stick to those caveats can opt to upgrade and pay a monthly fee.

mobile Photography

  • the secret to taking great pictures with your smartphone
  • how to use the rule of thirds for better picture angle
  • how to set your focus
  • how to set negative space for ‘standout” picture focus
  • how to use filters,crop, brightness, contrast, and saturation of the photo it to frame the subject correctly.
  • focus-on-one-subject.png focused-food-shot.png
  • how to take photos from angle to make it exciting & memorable
  • how to use reflections for
  • how to play with reflections for out-of-the-box photos
  • how to creating a sense of depth in an image
  • how to take pleasing to the eye photoshoot
  • how to make strong visual impact in your photoshoot
  • how to make a single subject stand out with color blocking
  • how to not compromise quality, and optimize a larger image.
  • how to capture small details
  • how to use natural-day or night light for beautiful photos
  • how to take natural activity photos
  • and many more

I-Work           Introduction to Windows 10

  • The Top 10 Features Of Microsoft Windows 10
  • Microsoft’s best operating system to date.
  • With all of the new features, there’s sure to be something in it for everyone.
  • You will learn top 10 features in Windows1
  • You will learn:-.
  1. The New Start Menu (revamp for more user friendly)
  1. Windowed Apps (Windows Store apps given a fresh look & mouse friendly.)
  2. Cortana- a personal assistant feature
  1. Hello ( a self recognized feature)
  1. Edge ( a cool browser
  1. Action Center (a notification panel
  1. Virtual Desktops (Working smart
  1. Xbox Streaming ( on tv & computer
  1. Continuum (same layout in both desktop, smartphone and tablet modes)
  2. Core Windows Apps (revamp for more user friendly)