Back than in 2015, when I start taking Diploma in Adult Continuing Education (DACE), to enhance my teaching capabilities in several private training provider, I had always think of a better method at studying for knowledge.

You see I was an IT trainer in several private Muslim institutions like Changi Prison, Mendaki, Muhammadiyah and SSA consultants before I joined PA as an adjunct IT trainer.

At that time I was already thinking of writing to WSQ and the Ministry of Education to make some changes to the Adult learning education system.

This attending of classroom and insensible role play gets into my nerve.

The reason is, I was feeling lethargic after a hard stressful day and have to go for a night class of 3 hours, wasting time, transport and energy.

As I have observed in the past classes, as the lecturers rattled the students settled…mostly the elder adults seem to fall asleep during lectures. Upon research, I discover that at that time the western countries had already done flipped learning to most productive results.

I also noticed that senior and junior adults alike do not have good retention memory power.  Back than I had suggested doing a video recording of such an important course, as we can revise regularly at our own time in the comfort of our home. But nothing happens.  As such I noticed several dropouts of students on the DACE cohorts.

What than is Flipped learning? Flipped learning is a methodology that helps teachers to prioritize active learning during class time by assigning students lecture materials and presentations to be viewed at home or outside of class.  In Flipped classrooms students are responsible for their learning.  Which is an acceptable condition to adults? 

Adult learners, by the way, are very hungry for knowledge. They will be willing to spend their precious time poring over study materials such as lecture notes and videos. Flipped learning made the teacher role to that of a coach and mentor. With the flipped classroom model, students have to prepare for meetings with their teachers- again, a very effective way to retain their knowledge. During this time, both the student and teacher are able to target the application and understanding of the study material. 

Covid19 is actually a boon to educators and learners alike. They can cover much knowledge in short time without much time-wasting, fatigue-driven effort.

However I will like to add that there can be a slight disadvantage in a flipped classroom if it is not govern well by the lecturer.  The lecturer is the governing figure. He controls the floor. In adult education we stress on “peer collaborative and support learning”. This will help each students excel together.  It is the role of the lecturer to make sure there is camaraderie amongst the students. 

So far in my Writers’ Training Programme I see a good combination of lecturer and students alike forming a good team spirit. We could go on to build an alumni of sorts that keep us in touch and collectively help each other strive for our own “smart’ goals. 


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